西班牙獨行記﹣Returned with Thanks



其次,找東西吃比我想像中的要困難。 西班牙人的作息時間跟英語國家非常不同,吃飯時間十分遲。而且,它們的酒館文化使獨自一人吃飯不但困難,還有點不好意思。所以,很多頓飯都是拿着一個Baugette在地標上吃的。(幸好,經過多年寄宿生活的訓練,我不太介意吃什麼)到了華倫西亞,因為各人慷慨的協助,吃飯不但不再是個難題,還是個值得大書特書的東西呢。



中文的段落就此結束 。

For those who don’t usually find themselves here- This is a blog that I write about my life in the UK. I usually write in Chinese as it’s a (sort of) guide for Hong Kong students. However, I feel there’s a definite need to break from this today.

These two weeks in Spain has been some of the most exceptional time of my life. It really makes me feel that traveling is something that I really like to do, and I really cannot wait to embark on another journey- (although exams loom)

I have met many great people in this trip; I am thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you and it’s been great. I am hoping we’ll keep in touch and maybe we will meet each other somewhere in the world!

Here’s a few lines I have for all of you:

Kadda and Lea: Alles Gut? I really enjoyed going around Granada with you two, walking up the hills of Sacramonte and the Alhambra. Hope the studies go well for both of you and possibly see you again in Germany this summer!

Sarah: Where have you been? Couldn’t find you on Facebook. Anyway, hope all are well!

Alex, Dickson and Serita: If you guys have happened to stumble upon this post, I just want to say you guys have been great company around Seville- I particularly enjoyed going up the mushroom thing (Plaza de la Encarnación to be exact) at midnight.

Devin: Thanks for teaching me a lot about British castles – you have definitely been to more places in the UK than I have. I will look forward to adding Pembrokeshire to my lists of travels.

JiYeon: Thank you coming with me on a off-the-beaten-track Seville dayout. Sorry if Cadíz wasn’t great: I have never been. Are you still in Spain? I hope Ronda’s great too: it looked great in the book. Contact me if you’re coming to London!

Vivien: Muchas gracias por su ayuda en Valencia, Yo ni siquiera sé donde la escuela está. Espero que todas estre bien!! Have a good time in Valencia!

Nuria: 好高興認識你!你好似係我第一個廣洲既朋友。可惜我實在得幾日就要走勒。唯有預早先祝你一句生日快樂喇。保持聯絡呀!

Rosa and Stina: What a shame that I can only there for a week, you have been good classmates. Stina unfortunately you won’t get to see more of my goalkeeping (a.k.a. being pwned). Rosa, hopfully I will see you again, por favor!

JiHo, Yang, Minsu and Hye Min: Muchas gracias para todos! 모든게정말 감사합니다!
Wow, Where to start.  –>
No puedo explicar mi gratitud para todos que habéis hecho para mi. La comida era muchísimo rica y asombrosa.Si veníais a Londres, llamame! Jiho, espero que tengas un buen viaje en Roma. Yang y Minsu, otra vez gracias por su compañía y el almuerzo en el ultimo día. Especialmente Minsu, feliz cumpleaños hoy! Hye Min, in English? It’s too bad that I only got to see you a couple of times and don’t get to know you better. Keep in touch!