So, the Wedding

There was never much going on for this holiday. Not that I am complaining.

The only event that I had it planned was to go to the wedding of my guardian’s son. Must admit I was pretty excited and honoured that I got to go, to the extent that I have been singing to all you jealous people ‘I am going to the wedding..’ (lol)

It took us quite a while just to get there, and we literally arrived at the church just before the bride’s car. (Like, we walked in right in front of it) (Similarly, imagined how freaked out we were at the prospect of missing the wedding…) Fortunately, everything did go according to plan and in an lhour, we stepped out of the church to congratulate the lovely newly-weds! 

It’s the first time I have been to a wedding in England, and I can tell you, in a pleasant way, that I really enjoyed going, far more so than the ones I have been to in Hong Kong when I was young. Despite the freezing weather. While the church service wasn’t much different, the wedding reception certainly was.There wasn’t a massive crowd just to gain face. Didn’t have to go though a eight-course meal there took forever to start and even longer to finish. There was no need to drink the couple to the death.

In general, there was just that feelgood factor shining through, not those boring and embarrassing moments that I sometimes endure through in Chinese weddings.

But one thing is similar: an extravagant wedding cake. There was a very pretty, four-stories tall, cake in the shape of a teapot. They are now mostly lying in the fridge at the vicarage… So help yourselves next time when you are coming around.

And oh yeah, we also get to do a ceilidh. (Thank you Wikipedia for helping me to spell this) Dancing together with all the guests and of course the couple was not something I have imagined experiencing, but it was certainly fun and tiring.
All in all, perhaps the best wedding I have been to, and I am really glad that I got to take part in it. Congratulations Michael and Becki! Have a lovely time in Cornwall.

(There were plenty of photos. Don’t worry I am sure you will get to see them very soon!!!)