The Year of the Big Freeze

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that random rants on living in Britain must involve randoms rants on the Weather.

The above line pretty much applies for every year, at least the ones I have been here to witness. But this year, it has gone out. of. hand.

It’s just been a crazy year.

Spending most of the year in Durham, I was convinced (or tried to convince myself) that the big freeze was merely an issue being ‘Up North’. While 2013 has been a particularly chilly year, I only felt that way because 2012 was then a particularly warm year.

However, after spending a few weeks back in London, and with the weather seemingly on the way up, it’s time to talk about how cold and unpredictable this year have been.

Let’s take last week as an example: we started off the week on frost and perhaps minus temperatures with the wind picking up from the north east (You see, you get technical once you have watched enough weather reports). Everyone is just hoping that the long-awaited Spring would finally come around the corner now that the British SUMMER TIME has started. (But then again, the word ‘British’ might be the problem)

Anyway, that was to no avail. What we had was SNOW on Friday and Saturday.

Really? Snowing in April? APRIL of all months? In the southeast? I mean, it would be surprising to see that in Durham, but in London it was simply downright shocking. And I thought the world is supposed to be warming up… It really seemed to be the other way round at an alarming rate.

I checked the weather in Durham as well. Not only was London colder than Durham, it was also colder than the Scottish Highlands… by 7 degrees…

And then on the weekend, things seemed to be on the way up. It was perhaps the best weekend in terms of sunshine and temperature. Spending the day on the seaside, it was about the first taste of non-freeze I have experienced since… last summer? Has the weather finally turned to corner?

But as we all know, with the weather more resembling spring, the rain is also coming.As we return to being drenched in the rain, I suppose the theory that British weather is unpredictable is simply wrong.

It’s just rubbish all the time.