A Week in Devon-NORTH 德文郡一週:北德文

Sorry for lack of updates: I have just spend a great week in Devon. Now, on the train back towards London, it is the perfect opportunity to recap on the holiday.

I have been to North Devon a couple of times, but just to spend some half-terms and never really did anything but watching TV. Not that there are a lot of other things to do. Or so I thought.

And yes, as you can see now, this will be my first attempt at a bilingual post. Please tell me how you feel about this!

剛在德文郡渡過了一個充實愉快的星期。 真想不到,「充實」是一個可以和這個地方相題並論的詞語:以往幾次到那裡(特別是北部),我把大部份的時間都花在上網和看電視上。


We shall start at town of Barnstaple: the largest town in north Devon, which unfortunately is rather monotone and doesn’t really offer much. However its centre location was pretty ideal for traveling around this side of the county.


Lynton and Lynmouth: I have written about these places on an earlier post here (Chinese only). That was when I had first visited in October. During the summer months it is markedly different: far more popular.

Last time I was here, it was clusters of houses hidden around the cliff and between the seas, and it sort off gave off the mystic, mountainous vibe, that gave me illusions of being in the swiss alps. This time round though, we have the tourists (which of course we were too…), the noises and the queues on the Cliff Railway.

On the plus side though, more shops were opened and there was more to see and explore. I can’t tell when’s a better moment to visit: perhaps just visit the place twice.

Lynton and Lynmouth:我曾經在一篇舊文中寫過這兩個地方,所有介紹就不贅了。不過,那時候是十月,和這次夏天到訪分別很大。人多。很多。

上次的文章將這兩個小鎮比為「小瑞士」。之所以會帶給的這種感覺,相信遊人比較少也是一大原由。這次嘛,人多熱鬧,甚至有點吵,坐cliff railway也要排隊。在這些海邊,而海作招徠的小鎮,一年之中就靠夏天幾個月的生意生存,所以雖然不再像瑞士,但這也是無可厚非的。


Clovelly: another random village right on the Cliffs of north Devon, but this is all being preserved as a museum. All houses in the village are as they were in the 19th century. The Entrance fee was rather hefty, but it was worth a go just for the amazing views of the sea from some of the cafes. The cream teas there was great too.

It had me thinking though how the villagers survive: there are no cars allowed (the steepness of the roads made it hard anyway), no supermarkets, nothing. And sitting outside might turn you into backgrounds for tourists. Not a very nice lifestyle, I suppose.




Woolacombe: How can we miss out the beaches when we are experiencing some of the nicest (if not too nice) weather in a few years? Woolacombe is apparently the best family beach in the country, and it was not difficult to see why. It’s very wide and spacious: you don’t have to worry about hitting anybody even you are playing cricket. So my cousins, aged 8, 6 and 6 were rightfully excited, swimming, catching shrimps and making sandcastles, so on and on.

Also, Woolacombe is the photo for my facebook page account. But that was during the winter. In the summer months, it’s packed.

p.s. Sandcastles nowadays are sophisticated, not just a pot anymore. You can buy buckets that looked exactly like a castle, with all towers and walls and everything. It was hell difficult to build a castle using sand that actually resembles the model though. A lot of beating of the sand was needed.

Woolacombe:英國正享受着近年來最好的天氣。在這樣的情況下,當然要到海灘去。在附近的Woolacombe據聞是英國最受家庭歡迎的海灘。只要一到,就不難解釋它為何會當選。它很大,很闊,基本上做什麼(包括任何球類運動)都不用怕會打到別人。(Woolacombe是我Facebook Page的Profile Photo)於是小朋友們就很興奮的游水,捉蝦和建沙城堡去了。


NEXT: The other (more popular?) side of Devon with a friend. Going around with local knowledge is great indeed.