Year 2 IS difficult

-rant in English starts-

October 18th. I am already exhausted.

Even if proper university life have only resumed for about two weeks. On Fridays, I am just so, so excited that everything is finished, at least for now.

Year 2 IS difficult, and I am only beginning to get that.

(Although in relative terms, anything is difficult to my year 1 though lol)

The biggest difference for me this compared to the last was the sense that you really should be getting on with something. When you were in year one, it sounded -certainly to me- that procrastinating on Facebook is the perfect activity on Friday nights. Of course is it. (Substitute Facebook to any other things you like to do yourself)

But at Year 2, that’s just time wasting. Now that I am actually doing (trying to) the reading properly, the week fills up fairly quickly. And if there’s time that I don’t have to study academic texts, the so-called free time, you feel like you ought to be getting on with more things in life.

It’s not just for getting a job or enriching the CV either. (I mean, of course these are good things) I just suddenly felt that the bliss times of not having to worry about too much in life would come to its inevitable end, and really these are the times to experience as many thing while I still can.

I don’t know whether how long I can cope with doing things that I want to do, but hey this is uni, results+social life= no sleep… We’ll just have to see how it goes!

 -rant in English over-

 -rant in Chinese starts-




(其實和我的Year 1比較,什麼也很難…)




-rant in Chinese over-

How fitting that the 200th blogpost is a random rant on how ‘tough’ life is lol