Another Term, Another Year

December 16th, 2014. It’s December already? Time does fly.

It has become almost customary for me to write something after a term has ended, to recap, to refocus, to allow myself to think about what has actually happened. (It also happens to be quite an easy topic to write on 🙂

I’m well into the final part of my Durham trilogy, that of the finalist year. This third year at Durham has understandably been a year of work, constant stress and worry around all the academic stuff and dissertation (you cannot escape that…)

But to be honest I’ve really enjoyed it, as far as circumstance had allowed: yes it’s been hectic, but a full-on year studying something that I do care about quite passionately (not used this word since I was told to NOT include it on my personal statement, I am starting to learn why) it probably as good as ever could be. Working for the sake of something you like.

Not to mention all my housemates and friends in town.

In fact, it’s been so enjoyable that, frankly, it’s quite scary to consider what will happen next. I was talking to a fresher the other day when she asked me how quickly does time elapse in Durham. I thought about the question for a little while, and it suddenly hit me.

She’s been here for barely ten weeks. I have about sixteen weeks left.

God what have I been doing? How can time comes and goes *that* quickly?

It seemed so recent when I first got off the train at Durham and stared across the platform, pondering what was then the novel idea of the university. Yet, the countdown to my departure has now well and truly begun. And I have no idea what to do afterwards, once I’m forced to leave this daydream of a life in Durham.

Maybe these thoughts are premature; maybe (I sincerely hope) that in few month’s time I’ll have everything sorted and will come to embrace the future. Yet from time to time, future is merely a euphemism of ‘unknown’, the potentially dangerous route, potentially to nowhere.

I should be more positive about it though. There was that little part of me how wasn’t sure about Durham to start with, yet now I cannot imagine not being there, with everybody that I’m meet, that become important parts of my life.

This may be the final first term of uni that I’ll ever have. (Or not, I might come back) But at the same time, it’s just another term of another year. 2014 has been good, bring on 2015!