Farmhouse Stew/Soup?!

2015-02-26 17.56.26-1

Carrying on from last week’s post on food (because, again, who doesn’t like food): this week I’ve made something quite radically different: a stew. Which turned out to be more like a soup. Doesn’t matter; still taste great!

Since I bought a slow cooker last year, stews also feature often on my “menu”. The reason why a student house would be in possession of a slow cooker is documented here; but long story short: I mistakenly thought a slow cooker would be powerful enough to boil water for Chinese hotpot. It wasn’t and we were stuck with it.

Stews are, again, easy because the main premise hasn’t changed: YOU DUMP EVERYTHING INTO A CASSEROLE DISH/SLOW COOKER AND WAIT.

So here is a long list of (potential) ingredients that you might need. I found it that you’re more likely to just chuck whatever you have left in the fridge or the fruit bowl into the stew too. But it should still work:

2015-02-26 17.56.55

Ingredients for 5:

  • 200g of Gammon pieces. Actually, any type of pork would have been fine
  • 50 g(?) of Chorizo, to give it a little Spanish flavour.
  • Starch: say a can of baked beans and chickpeas each*
  • Veg:
    • A red and a yellow pepper; sliced into 2cm pieces
    • An Onion; sliced
    • Can of chopped tomatoes
    • 250g Farmhouse vegetable mix (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli)
    • Olives; say 20.
  • Condiments; paprika; salt;  black pepper; garlic; oregano; vegetable stock cube (1)

*I have served this with roasted potatoes on the side. But even if you*think* you’ve made enough starch, make more: there’s always that one housemate you failed to feed…

Start by frying the onion and garlic and wait until it softens; next add the gammon and chorizo pieces and fry until it browns. Basically, FRY EVERYTHING!

Meanwhile, pour the chopped tomatoes, olives, farmhouse mix, baked beans and chickpeas into a casserole dish and cooked with a medium fire(?). When the gammon and onion are cooked; POUR THAT INTO THE CASSEROLE DISH.

Put the farmhouse mix Dissolve the stock cube into a mug of water and POUR THAT INTO THE CASSEROLE DISH TOO. Add in all the rest of the condiments,.

What you then have to do is simple: wait. Simmer for at least 20 minutes, stirring intermittently… DONE AND GOOD FOOD, MY FRIENDS.