Monopoly – Durham Student Edition!

Where nostalgia for Durham meets January procrastination.

I have had the idea to refashion Monopoly boards for a while (see the first creation on Hong Kong here), and where to continue it but Durham, a place that I have periodically missed since departing in the summer?

Recently, I saw a version of it on the Tab’s facebook page and needless to say sparked me into working on my own version – with Chance and Community Cards too! Let’s go straight to it!

Screenshot 2016-01-28 03.33.37

Screenshot 2016-01-28 03.25.23

I have given some thoughts on the locations, mostly through the tendencies and strategies of the game…

  • Yes, there is a glaring absence of colleges. Rather than descending into a college rivalry or popularity contest, I think it’s more interesting to include all the places in a Durham student’s experience, from the train station to the Cathedral. Of course, the Castle is still too important to be ignored.

  • Plus, we all know Mary’s is *clearly the best college* anyway.

  • Brown: much like the colour of Klute’s walls (I think? The lighting is never quite bright enough to know for sure). Simply, there is a special place in all of our hearts for the Klute and Patricks combination, right after we’ve got some money.

  • Light Blue: the light blue group in the London original are all in North London and in theory cheap (Islington is nothing but now). For a proper/actual northern street view, there is no place more appropriate than North Road. Unless, of course, the ghost known as Stockton High Street counts.

  • Cherry: I’ve always considered it to be the blandest group of all, functional like the Science Site. Somehow, the word ‘Bland’ is still a compliment to the DSU Building.

  • Orange: the hidden gem of all Monopoly groups (most likely to be visited) and consistently outperforms expectations. Therefore, I have selected my 3 personal favourites, 1 for each term:

    • Autumn leaves by Mary’s drive

    • Cherry Blossoms in the Botanic Garden

    • A summer sunrise atop the observatory hill.

  • Red: essential for a good Monopoly strategy, although neither as glamourous nor cost-effective. Trains and sports are both vital ingredients of Durham student life but costs really can spiral quickly… Freemans Quay, why. are. you. so. damn. expensive. to. rent?

  • Yellow: high-end areas where houses cost just a bit too much simply because of where they are located. Have you seen those £130 a week rooms on Church Street? But hey, it’s right next to the library. But hey, Billy B opens all night most days, why don’t you just live in it instead?

  • Green: one of the least cost-effective groups, rarely trampled upon in game. Expensive, filled with grandeur but eventually you realise it is quite underwhelming. That’s the Palatine Centre for you. How often are you there to admire the expensive artwork anyway?

    • Protesting about Palace Green? Consider this: it’s a frozen mud pool you are forbidden to cross for the first two terms and completely covered by graduation.

  • Dark Blue: is explanation necessary?

Oh Durham, how much do I miss you.