Interview with the BBC!

Firstly, Apologies for the short hiatus in the recent week. Chinese New Year was a factor, and when your parents are in town, sometimes the schedule and the priorities change. Usual service should resume soon. That is to say, I’d continue on my quest to procrastination!

Despite the inactivity, it’s been a landmark week for When HK Meets UK: a feature that vaulted onto the front page of South China Morning Post website attracted much interest and exciting brought my work to the attention of the BBC, and they invited me into Broadcasting House for an interview with the World Service’s Business Matters! 

I have always wondered where the building are really like how it was in W1A, and glad to have an official business opportunity to visit – can confirm that it is exactly the same, down to the colour scheme!

If you have missed it, you can catch the interview here.

Hearing my own voice is really awkward, and I must confess that I sound a lot different on the microphone than how I’ve always imagined it! Nevertheless it’s a peek into how I talk… while being quite nervous!

I do hope this would be the beginning to great new things!