Five Years 五年

Menai Strait from Caernarfon, North Wales

Menai Strait from Caernarfon, North Wales

As of last week, this blog (in its various incarnations) is five years old.

I’ve written these sort of ‘review’ posts before. True to my interest of graphical representation of data, even made a WordCloud out of it last year. However, five seems to be a far more significant number than any other previously. Perhaps because it is halfway to a decade, or just because we’re all used it counting in fives instead of three-and-a-halfs. Even if ultimately all units of time are arbitrary enough.

Five years is an important milestone, those that encourage you to pause and reflect on the past (“five-year-plans”, eh?) Much is different in the times since I wrote a few short and pointless lines on the weather and complaints about school five years ago. The world around me has changed and I’ve changed fundamentally along with it. Or, always the pushover, changed according to it.

However, unlike myself, this blog hasn’t undergone a sea change. For sure, the contents, the web-hosting, the quality and effort have wavered at best. However, as I continue to type away from the keyboard, dwelling on stuff varying in popularity but consistently pointless, the joy of writing (if I can even call it as such) has not disappeared from me yet. I hadn’t imagined that this blog would have lasted this long. And I shall go on.

Looking back, there has been many moments of regret, many things that I would have done differently, many things that could have facilitated everything else. Yet these are all balanced out many other wondrous people and things that one can only be thankful that they’ve ever happened at all.

If the past five years had taught me anything, it is this: one ought not to take things they have for granted, and should instead be thankful for the fact that they are there after all. Of course, there are legitimate concerns that one holds dear but seem trivial to others, and there is no need to reduce everything to ‘you have all this, why are you complaining?’. But as we strive on in the pursuit and brighter and better things, I ought to remind myself of all the good things that I have.

Which leads me back to the blog. My 2016 new year resolution is a renewed effort this blog if just to find out where I can take it to. The first quarter (quarter. Sounds so much like a company report) has treated me well – and I am thankful for it. As for the future here, I’ll do what I can and then… hope for the best.

Thanks for all your support throughout the years. I hope you’ll stay?

p.s. Written on the way to North Wales. Circumstances have changed that travelling – like that to Kansai which began all this – hasn’t been as frequent or exotic as I hoped. Still, this should be great fun, and you can look forward to reading all about it. Months later as per tradition.






若過去五年教曉了我一件事,那就是這樣:不可把已有的都視作理所當然,反而應該對這些事情的出現而感恩。當然,不如人意的事會總會持續,而這些你覺得大過天的問題可能都很瑣碎-英文所謂的「第一世界問題」”first-world problem”。但在追逐更好的東西的時候,我大概也需要提提自己,已有的好事。