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My Top Ten Off-the-Beaten-Track Destinations in Japan (2)

Continuing on from last week, my top ten off-the-beaten-track destinations in Japan: trains no longer stop on this platform Shimokitazawa 下北沢 , Tokyo Every time I have a spare afternoon in Japan, the… Continue reading

My Top Ten Off-the-Beaten-Track Destinations in Japan (1)

Japan has been a country that I have always liked. A family favourite, I used to visit the land of the rising sun at least once a year. Instead of visiting as many… Continue reading

The Year of the Big Freeze

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that random rants on living in Britain must involve randoms rants on the Weather. The above line pretty much applies for every year, at least the ones… Continue reading

Back as a Londoner﹣for Now

大學的生活果然很忙,又是看着deadline做人的我,最後的兩個星期不停的寫essay,直到今天,終於可以喘息一下。 終於撐到復活節,放假了。 Durham果然是Durham,剛過去的這一兩個月真的冷得要很,下雪也由每天期待而且熱烈討論的事情,變成日常生活的一部分。和永世也在下的雨水,北國的雪喜歡極端,若不是風和日麗的冬日,便會是一片白,什麼也看不透的暴風雪。 回倫敦,天氣立時變得很「正常」。今天的雨都沒有停過。 剛過去的這一個term,和上一個term一樣,都可以用上’evenful’來形容。發生的事實在很多,由一月中直到現在,每一天的時間表也是填得滿滿的。(雖然我好像還在想辦法做更多的事…) 但最重要的是,雖然人真的很忙,我確實是樂在其中,那就沒有什麼值得不高興,或是投訴的。 (不過,最後幾星期放下了blog,這樣還是不太好,還是要更新得密一點…) Shades in the Tate 雖然假期看似十分漫長,但放過假的你和我也知道,光陰似箭,再次要北上回到Durham的日子,會比想像中的來得快很多。 這個假期,我並沒有什麼特別的節目,留在倫敦,就像以往X年來還在這裡住的時候一樣。這大概會是未來幾年,我在倫敦留最長時間的一段日子。 應該要趁着這段時間,好好的在倫敦逛一下。

The Nightmares of Fire Alarms

中文版在此: After many years of living in a boarding house environment, you tend to get used to most things that happen around you. School food. Laundry. Following the timetable. You either grew used… Continue reading

Lunar New Year in Durham

The ‘artsy’ pic as requested… Last Sunday marked the beginning of Lunar (Chinese) New Year of the Snake. Although it’s a couple of days late, I hope everyone will have a very nice… Continue reading

NBA Halfway Predictions Review

The NBA season only seemed to have started a few weeks ago. However in fact we have already hit the halfway mark for the regular season and with the All-Star Weekend and the… Continue reading

Europe 12: The Two Synagogues

Once home to a large Jewish diaspora, the Jewish Quarter, the Josefov, is a major tourist area in Prague, situated just off the old town square. As in any Jewish settlements, the quarter… Continue reading

Europe 12: Old Town, Prague

The Vltava river is, of course, one of the best sights in the magnificent city of Prague. Nevertheless, when Prague is mentioned, one would probably think of the Castle and the Medieval Old… Continue reading

My Ten 2012-13 NBA Predictions

find the Clippers and the (Old) Nets The 2012-13 NBA season will start in a few days and it is about time for me make some predictions about the new season, and see… Continue reading