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Why Hull? For the Hipsterness (2)

// Continuing to answer yesterday’s question: Q: Why Hull? A4: For the Hipsterness. Yeah you did read this correctly. Allow me to introduce exhibit A, your honour. // Here’s a street that would… Continue reading

Why Hull? (1) For the Cream Phone Box

// …’Why do you want to go to Hull?’ my friend asked, inquisitively. ‘Why not? It’s the City of Culture isn’t it, and it’s got the Turner Prize on, so when else if… Continue reading

My Extreme Points of the United Kingdom

A chronicle of the extreme reaches of the United Kingdom, and how close (but yet too far) I’ve got to them.

Despatches of Wales: Dovey Junction

// It can take longer to travel to Mid-Wales than Milan. Whether by road or rail, a journey from London to Aberystwyth takes at least four-and-a-half hours. Any readers will have deciphered that… Continue reading

Despatches of Wales: Borth’s Sunset

On the West coast of Wales, not too far north from the university town of Aberystwyth, lies a small village named Borth. // The relative blandness of its name, especially in this region… Continue reading

Searching for Hong Kong in Liverpool

The Second City of the Empire; the most important commercial port; the city of dreams for immigrants; the melting pot and hub of popular culture.

From a window on Albert Dock, I contemplated the high praises lavished upon Liverpool. Yet, I cannot help but think that these titles were fittings to another city halfway across the world as well. The Hong Kong of the past; the Hong Kong that I did not really know.

Down in the Hidden London: Down Street Underground Station

Apologies for yet another lengthy hiatus induced by exams. As always, there’s plenty of catching-up to blog about. First up: last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a piece of central… Continue reading

Hong Kong MTR Map Literal Translation (2017 Sequel!)

So for the first project of 2017, I’ve created a sequel to my MTR translation, complete with new stations and revised names.

Just How do you Type in Chinese… On a Phone?

Stroke Orders and Handwriting.

Just How do you Type in Chinese? Introduction to Chinese Input Methods

Therefore, unless you wished for a keyboard running for the entire length of the Great Wall of China, quite clearly the QWERTY approach won’t cut it.

Instead, Chinese speakers rely on the so-called ‘input methods’, which breaks down all Chinese characters so that they can be entered through a Latin keyboard.