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Thomas Hitzlsperger: Hammering the Football Taboo

(Originally published in the Palatinate: We have always been told that homosexuality is a taboo within professional sports, and it still is. Yet with the recent announcement by Thomas Hitzlsperger, this situation… Continue reading

Vincent Tan: Businessman, NOT Arch-Villain

(The Original English version for the previous article. For filing purposes, and also to pretend that I have written more than I actually have… :p) Despite the Premier League perhaps in midst of… Continue reading

Second Year, First Term: chilly thought of adulthood

Another generic snap of our most photographed site As it always seems to be, my time at Durham has once again flew by. In a split-second, I am once again on the southbound… Continue reading

Tokyo Old and New

What do you think of when you hear about Japan? Perhaps the most technologically advanced country in the world, Japan is as dynamic and modern as a country can possibly be. Nevertheless, it… Continue reading

Year 2 IS difficult

-rant in English starts- October 18th. I am already exhausted. Even if proper university life have only resumed for about two weeks. On Fridays, I am just so, so excited that everything is… Continue reading

Durham: Year 2

East Coast Mainline. The train to the North Strangely but surely, time does fly right pass. It did seem just days ago when I left Durham, but I am already back in town.… Continue reading

Craving for Hong Kong- Wong Kei

I no longer have the crave of home food. Old Wong Kei chopsticks. From Wikipedia. That is to say (in the Asian sense) that I don’t need to have rice every day just… Continue reading

8 Years On, Still a Tourist

By this time next week, I will have stayed a full eight years in the UK. To think that will ever happen at the start of all this, it’s just incredible. It was… Continue reading

NBA Predictions: Results

The NBA 2012-13 season has finally ended with the Miami Heat repeating as champions. (Not exactly my favourite result, but they did show they were the best team through the playoffs). I have… Continue reading

End of My First Year in Durham

Time really does fly, at an alarming rate, and my first year at Durham has officially ended without noticing. Sitting on my southbound train back to London, I felt like it’s the time… Continue reading