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Introduction to the Chinese ‘Dialects’ (2): Language or Not?

(Sorry, it’s been a while for this next update; finalist year is taking its toll.) Allow us to return to the topic of Chinese ‘Dialects’! In the previous article, we’ve discussed a little… Continue reading

Introduction to the Chinese “Dialects” (1) Cantonese v. Mandarin

‘Do you speak Chinese?’ ‘Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese?’ In the years I have spent living in the UK, this is a question that I’ve often come across. And when you can… Continue reading

Boarding House Kids Know: School Food

(Durham) Freshers: it’s been a month with college food. What’s that been? There’s a good chance that your answer can be reconstructed by these words: ‘not too bad’; ‘bland’; ‘repetitive’ and most of… Continue reading

20 Signs that You Have Been Away from Hong Kong for Far Too Long

Buzzfeed style! For my banana friends. p.s. While I’ve put ‘Hong Kong’ here, you can pretty much replace that with your Asian country of origin 🙂 1. When you still managed to mess… Continue reading

Why do Asians study ‘Asian Subjects’? (2: Parents)

In the previous post, I have discussed a little bit about the career-mindedness and the importance to a big salary as reasons to why people from East Asia, or of Asian heritage tend… Continue reading

Why do Asians Study ‘Asian Subjects’? (1- Career)

‘What subject do you study?’ This is about the commonest question at the start of terms at universities throughout the country. However, when I reply ‘Politics’ I often get a slightly surprised look…… Continue reading


繼續寫到英國留學要留意的一二事。 依個人經驗,準留學生們的問題不多,喜歡問問題的是父母們。他們的問題通常不出兩類,一是「有咩要帶」這種較實際的,而另一種則可籠統的概括為: 「去外國…會唔會怕唔適應呀?」 之後再加上什麼「人生路不熟」、「又凍又成日落雨」、「又冇野好食」之類的句子,讓去英國聽起來就像去南極探險一樣。 但我可以告訴你,去外國留學,其實不用怕不適應:需要怕的反而是適應得太容易。

Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Aboard? At first glance, many potential answers pop up: because you want a new experience. Or because you want a handsome-looking degree from a foreign university on your CV. Or because… Continue reading


今日是英國A-level公佈成績的日子。若你報考了英國的大學,那麼今天就是「審判日」了。先在此希望各位的成績理想,能進入心儀的大學吧。 當確認了大學的學位後,接下來的幾個星期多數相當忙亂,好像有很多事要做一樣。而其中最讓人煩心的一件事,大概是收拾行李:到底要帶什麼? To bring or not to bring? That is the question. 但經驗告訴我,這個問題的答案,在多數的情況下都是「Not to bring」。絕大部份日常生活需要用到的東西(包括亞洲文化的物件),你都可以在英國,以相差不遠甚至更便宜的價格買得(英國所有東西都比香港貴的想法是個迷思)。 更常見的問題反而是東西帶得太多,搬運辛苦之餘,還需要另覓地方安置。


本週初的驚人新聞,定是舉世聞名的吉卜力工作室解散的清息。可幸的是,因為翻譯的出錯,現在吉卜力看來只是休 息重整。但即使如此,昨年推出的《風起了》,大概已是出自 宮崎駿先生筆下竹最後一部長篇電影吧。 雖然這很可惜,但有留意吉卜力電影的人,對此也不會過於驚訝。宮崎駿亦以年屆七十高齡,總會有退下來的時候吧。(更重要的是,我都已經開始寫這篇文章了…)