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Retained in Translation: Comparing Namesake Streets of Hong Kong and the UK

Hong Kong’s street names are one of more visible legacy from the British era. Whether they are derived from public figures or geographical landmarks, the kaleidoscopic collection has offered us a unique insight into… Continue reading



Interview with the BBC!

Firstly, Apologies for the short hiatus in the recent week. Chinese New Year was a factor, and when your parents are in town, sometimes the schedule and the priorities change. Usual service should… Continue reading

Chinese New Year is Just Like Christmas, But Better

Just like Christmas (and Thanksgiving), Chinese New Year is a major homecoming event. However, CNY is better because it is also New Year: with parades and fireworks all rolled into one giant festival.

唔食 雞脾雞翼的英國人






HONG KONG MONOPOLY… with Current prices

Perhaps in acknowledgement that nobody would ever be able to afford the properties anyway, Hong Kong editions love to include places where nobody lives: good luck if your lifelong dream is to relocate to Chek Lap Kok. Hong Kong monopoly, with current prices.

Those that got away: an investigation of England-eligible Foreign Internationals

In a desperate attempt to avoid real work during the holidays, I scoured through the internet (mostly Transfermarkt, the Premier League website and Wikipedia) and found at least 108 England-eligible players across the top 4 divisions who for whatever reason chose to play international football for another nation. It was procrastination in its finest and almost became an immigration study.

Creating ‘Us’ on the Pitch: Identity Politics in Hong Kong Football

The Hong Kong national football team will play their ‘big brother/Darth Vader’, PR China, on Tuesday 17th, in what is billed as the most important match for Hong Kong in decades. After the… Continue reading