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Hong Kong MTR Map Literal Translation (2017 Sequel!)

So for the first project of 2017, I’ve created a sequel to my MTR translation, complete with new stations and revised names.

Just How do you Type in Chinese… On a Phone?

Stroke Orders and Handwriting.

Just How do you Type in Chinese? Introduction to Chinese Input Methods

Therefore, unless you wished for a keyboard running for the entire length of the Great Wall of China, quite clearly the QWERTY approach won’t cut it.

Instead, Chinese speakers rely on the so-called ‘input methods’, which breaks down all Chinese characters so that they can be entered through a Latin keyboard.




英國大學:Freshers Week的10點攻略

Freshers Week是大學啟課前的準備週,類似O-Camp的兼有破冰和適應大學生活兩用途。全國各大學的節目大同小異,可作為學生們離家的第一週,它的重要性自然不言而喻。列出以下十項最需留意的東西,助大家過個充實Freshers Week吧!

Escape to Tokyo: Japanese Cultural Portals in London

Although I don’t have a teleporting device, I do live in the metropolis that is London. Since moving back from University, I’ve steadily accumulated some favourite locations for those who like me would like to escape to Tokyo one afternoon at a time. Monuments, gardens, shops, all things in Japan, this side of the world.



Siu Mei at the Dai Pai Dong:新收錄的港式新詞





The Great North Welsh Railway Journey – 1. Caernarfon

North Wales. The idea began on a facebook scroll. The image was stereotypically grey. I was, fittingly, in a library basement, and had tasked to immerse myself in the books in front of… Continue reading