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英國大學環境談 (2) – 城鎮大學 (City University)

城鎮大學,自然是位處英國大小城市中,設施散在城中各處的高等院校。它們之中有兩大類:一是創於工業革命年代的Civic大學,全都是英國精英大學組織Russell Group的成員。因多數用上當代熱門的紅磚建築而又被通稱為Red-Brick University;

英國大學選校指南 Campus, City, Collegiate


Retained in Translation: Comparing Namesake Streets of Hong Kong and the UK

Hong Kong’s street names are one of more visible legacy from the British era. Whether they are derived from public figures or geographical landmarks, the kaleidoscopic collection has offered us a unique insight into… Continue reading



Monopoly – Durham Student Edition!

Where nostalgia for Durham meets January procrastination. Monopoly board for Durham Students, along with Chance and Community Chest!

Goodbye, Durham

The date was 2nd October 2012. A pretty ordinary day at first sight: cold, windy with the trademark rain that had come to characterise the English autumn. I was once again travelling on… Continue reading

英格蘭東北三城記(1):米杜士堡 (Middlesbrough)

英格蘭的東北部(North East England),向來不是旅遊熱點。以往,這裡是礦業為主的工業區,可是自工業式微經濟插水以後,這區的名聲一直不甚了了。 東北最著名的「出口」大概還是足球吧。因著英超聯的關係,東北的兩大城紐卡素(Newcastle) 和新特蘭 (Sunderland)在國際間也是稍有名氣。(要和人解釋我住在那裡,從來也是靠紐卡素) 若你有留意英超的話,那你應該還有聽過米杜士堡 (Middlesbrough)這支球隊:它也曾是超聯的常客,不過自數年前降班後一直到次級聯賽浮浮沉沉。不過,Middlesbrough出名的其實不只足球-歷史上,這裡還是英國工業革命的重心,最重要的冶鐵之城。米杜士堡的出品之廣,甚至在香港也有好數個例子呢。

Dayout on Impulse: Middlesbrough

The concept of a spontaneous holiday has always fascinated me. After all, wouldn’t it be a dream to simply jump onto the next departure for a getaway? Unfortunately, the constraints of time and… Continue reading

Another Term, Another Year

December 16th, 2014. It’s December already? Time does fly. It has become almost customary for me to write something after a term has ended, to recap, to refocus, to allow myself to think… Continue reading

Boarding House Kids Know: School Food

(Durham) Freshers: it’s been a month with college food. What’s that been? There’s a good chance that your answer can be reconstructed by these words: ‘not too bad’; ‘bland’; ‘repetitive’ and most of… Continue reading