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My Favourite Towns of Britain – Aberystwyth

Just the word “Aberystwyth” conjures up the image of Celtic mystery. Nobody knows how to pronounce the name; nobody know where the town is situated. Perhaps the only “town” deserving of this epithet in mid-Wales, it’s at least a three hour drive from anywhere resembling a major city: if travelling from London, it’s generally quicker to reach the Mediterranean. By rail, it’s the terminus of a single spur, spitting off from the already little-trafficked Cambrian Coast line. It’s very much end of the journey, and worthy for that alone.

Norwich – Norfolk’s Pleasant Surprise

There I was, as per usual, hitting the (rail)road last bank holiday weekend. My journey took me to East Anglia. Norfolk, to be exact. I had planned to spend the bulk of the… Continue reading

St. George’s Day – 聖佐治日. 何謂English的意義


不列顛・最後邊疆記 — 邱吉爾堤壩


Whitby — 德古拉山下

雖說偏遠,但Whitby甚受遊客歡迎,在這熱熱夏日,市集可是車水馬龍。 便先去逛景點吧。Whitby的地標,是原來的修道院Whitby Abbey,聳立在海旁的山崗上,從山下要走上過百級的天梯才能到達。現在雖只剩下在敗柳殘垣,但卻是國際級的熱點-原因無他,來自一本小說Dracula《德古拉》。吸血鬼也。

Bristol in the Rain (1)

When: the rainiest weekend of the nascent 2018

Where: Under Brunel’s magnificent arch, Temple Meads station

And there I was, staring at the map whilst sheltering from the downpour, trying to navigate my way to town.

威爾斯鐵路夏行– Welshpool・池上園林


Searching for Hong Kong in Liverpool

The Second City of the Empire; the most important commercial port; the city of dreams for immigrants; the melting pot and hub of popular culture.

From a window on Albert Dock, I contemplated the high praises lavished upon Liverpool. Yet, I cannot help but think that these titles were fittings to another city halfway across the world as well. The Hong Kong of the past; the Hong Kong that I did not really know.




漫遊《咆哮山莊》之山野— Haworth