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說起港式早餐,腦海中自然想起茶餐廳的例牌A餐:煎蛋多士,再加上火腿通粉*。茶餐廳A餐預設的,似乎總是煎蛋。英倫沒有港式茶記的詩意,比照「西煎雙蛋」等對聯似的名句,英國早餐店機械式的「2 Fried Eggs」雖然滿足每餐都在計算卡路里的分子,但論文采就確實被比下去。

Just How do you Type in Chinese… On a Phone?

Stroke Orders and Handwriting.



Japanese Food Extravaganza!! – London Edition

I’ll now attempt to complete the Japanese experience (at least from a touristic point of view) with the sampling of Japan’s finest cuisine, London-style. Fine Dining, Sushi, Udon, Ramen!

Escape to Tokyo: Japanese Cultural Portals in London

Although I don’t have a teleporting device, I do live in the metropolis that is London. Since moving back from University, I’ve steadily accumulated some favourite locations for those who like me would like to escape to Tokyo one afternoon at a time. Monuments, gardens, shops, all things in Japan, this side of the world.

倫敦新興Brixton Market:美食萬花筒


Justin’s London (I): Brixton Market

Running up the stairs from the underground ticket hall nothing too much seemed to have changed. Despite my middle of a weekday arrival, the street remains bustling as always and perhaps even more so for David Bowie’s recent passing. The regular fixtures on the high street remain, so was the crowd by the bus shelter that seems to continuously refill with new passengers emerging from the underground. That feeling of familiarity from a few years ago did give me a sense of warming in my heart


本週初的驚人新聞,定是舉世聞名的吉卜力工作室解散的清息。可幸的是,因為翻譯的出錯,現在吉卜力看來只是休 息重整。但即使如此,昨年推出的《風起了》,大概已是出自 宮崎駿先生筆下竹最後一部長篇電影吧。 雖然這很可惜,但有留意吉卜力電影的人,對此也不會過於驚訝。宮崎駿亦以年屆七十高齡,總會有退下來的時候吧。(更重要的是,我都已經開始寫這篇文章了…)

Studio Ghibli Tribute: Looking for Chihiro -Spirited Away (2001)-

Earlier this week, it is reported that the much-revered Studio Ghibli will halt the production of its feature animation films. While conflicting reports of translations has suggested that this could be temporary, it… Continue reading

Culinary Exploits of Second Year: Asian Stuff

FOOD POSTS 1! I think I will like writing about this 🙂 As a boarding house kid, I am very used to the British diet. Afterall, Chinese takeaways can only save you a… Continue reading