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Those that got away: an investigation of England-eligible Foreign Internationals

In a desperate attempt to avoid real work during the holidays, I scoured through the internet (mostly Transfermarkt, the Premier League website and Wikipedia) and found at least 108 England-eligible players across the top 4 divisions who for whatever reason chose to play international football for another nation. It was procrastination in its finest and almost became an immigration study.

Creating ‘Us’ on the Pitch: Identity Politics in Hong Kong Football

The Hong Kong national football team will play their ‘big brother/Darth Vader’, PR China, on Tuesday 17th, in what is billed as the most important match for Hong Kong in decades. After the… Continue reading

Clash of Imaginations Reloaded: Hong Kong Through Google Images

We have all used Google image search. Whether we are looking for a school project or a computer wallpaper, you can access billions of images in a few clicks. What these images tell… Continue reading

Hong Kong Protests: Why is it a Big Deal

In the last few days, the pro-democracy protest, the “Umbrella Revolution”, at Hong Kong has dominated international headlines. To complain against the Beijing decision on electoral reforms, people of Hong Kong have taken… Continue reading


雖然月初的酷熱不再,總體來說天氣還是很好的。陽光還在,絕對是適合在倫敦走走的天氣。在英國待得愈久,發現自己也像英國人一樣經常在談天氣,是因為被同化了嗎?﹣_﹣泰晤士河南岸(South Bank)為倫敦著名的文化藝術區域,由在西敏寺對岸的倫敦眼直到泰特現代藝術館之間的約一英里的路上佈滿了博物館、劇場和水族館等的建築,就像我們就了很多年都還沒興建的西九區。走一遍大約需要二十分鐘,當然加上參觀,拍照,和看在不定期出現的集市,在那裏消磨一整天再容易不過。