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On the Waters of Windermere

Lake District: perhaps the gem of the English national parks. I’ve long heard glowing reviews of the Lakes: it has been on the travel itinerary for well over a decade. Nevertheless, its distance… Continue reading


林林總總的原因,導致差不多一個月沒有發文,僅此致歉。係時候再寫回這個多月來發生的事情吧-這裡寫的其實是四月放假時的事… Dover(多佛?)的白色懸崖,位於英國最東南的角落,傳統上被當成距歐洲大陸最近的一點。在來回英國的交通都依靠渡輪的年代,這片懸崖更被昇華成精神食糧的級別:它是初來乍到的遊人們對英國的第一印象,才是英國人離鄉別井到看到英國的最後一眼。因此,這片其實不太特別的懸崖,就變成了英國著名的地標。

The (Not Particularly) White Cliffs of Dover

With the end of the Easter holiday fast approaching (Seriously, where has the free time gone?), it’s about time to reflect upon some of short or longer excursions that I’ve completed in the… Continue reading

邊個先係薯條:Chips v Fries

在英國,薯條叫作”Chips”,而薯片(美式英文:Chips),就叫作”Crisps”。夠混亂了吧。 然而,這只不過是混亂的起端。若果有人問你,薯條是什麼樣子的,你的腦海大概會浮現以下的圖片:麥記或是KFC,快餐吃漢堡飽時的最佳拍檔。 但是,薯條這樣食物,在英式英文一樣有兩個叫法。Chips,是這個樣子的。 快餐店的薯條,英文叫作Fries,又或者French Fries(法國薯條?)。至於那一款才是「真正」的薯條…這可是世紀大難題。 但不論是Chips還是Fries,發源地都不是英國。也不是美國…

National Railway Museum, York

My cousin came across about twelve time zones to visit this Christmas: tis time to document a little about our travels! YORK- The beautiful cathedral city in Northern England is consistently one of… Continue reading

20 Signs that You Have Been Away from Hong Kong for Far Too Long

Buzzfeed style! For my banana friends. p.s. While I’ve put ‘Hong Kong’ here, you can pretty much replace that with your Asian country of origin 🙂 1. When you still managed to mess… Continue reading

Beamish Museum with PhotoSoc: Where History Lives

Last week, the newly-established Photography Society at Durham took a trip to the Beamish Museum for a historical journey back in time. One of the earliest examples of what we now call ‘open-air… Continue reading

Peak District 睇樓記

大學開始了,所以又是我寫遊記望梅止渴的時候了。今年整個暑假都在英國,唯一算上去旅行的,大概就是在九月時到了Peak District National Park 小休幾天,過了個很英式的假期。 在於柴郡和打比郡交界,乘着在北部大城市附近這優勢,Peak District是英國最多遊人的國家公園,在全球亦僅次於富士山之後,可見這裡受歡迎的程度。公園佔地廣闊,區區幾天實在不足以領略整個區域之美。不過我對行山這個Peak District最著名的活動興趣缺缺,便把旅程的重點放了在Country House (姑且就稱作「鄉郊府第」,是英國傳統貴族所住的,位於鄉郊的莊園,最佳例子是 Downton Abbey)之中,簡單來說就是去了睇樓。 睇完樓的感覺:實在太厲害了。不怪得貴族們都不介意住在鄉下。

Escape to the Peaks: ‘Househunting’

It’s been a glorious summer in England, and nothing is better than swapping the September metropolis for a little retreat up North. Sandwiched between Manchester and Sheffield, the Peak District National Park is… Continue reading

Alnwick II: Books, Trains and Flapjacks

If you’ve read a few of my blogposts, you might have realised that I rather like travelling. And trains. And books. Or any combination of the three. And that’s where Barter Books, the… Continue reading