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Farmhouse Stew/Soup?!

Carrying on from last week’s post on food (because, again, who doesn’t like food): this week I’ve made something quite radically different: a stew. Which turned out to be more like a soup.… Continue reading

Dinner of the Week: Mediterranean Roast Chicken

It has (eventually) occurred to me that, people like food and they also like food posts. At the start of term, my housemates and I decided that instead of scrambling for microwavable stuff… Continue reading


學英文,最難搞的除了文法,就一定是學生字了吧。 小學畢業後初來英國,在英文的環境當然需要時間適應。但事實,縱然我的英文只有只是小學程度,但要跟上上課進度的難道也不大(當然,英國文學另計)。 我覺得最難的,反而是日常生活的英文。以往在生活上用不著外語,所以對那類型的詞彙認識實在太少了。舉的例子,你的Past Tense大概已操得滾瓜爛熟,但你知道「瓜」的英文是什麼嗎? 學詞語這回事沒有捷徑,就只有一個一個的學,然後嘗試去運用它們。然而這個策略有一個很大的問題:如果那個字有多於一個解釋的話,那就麻煩了。以下的五個詞語,在英國的意義和外地的有很大的分別,也是我曾慘遭滑鐵盧的例子。今次寫下,還望大家不會步我後塵…



Another Term, Another Year

December 16th, 2014. It’s December already? Time does fly. It has become almost customary for me to write something after a term has ended, to recap, to refocus, to allow myself to think… Continue reading

20 Signs that You Have Been Away from Hong Kong for Far Too Long

Buzzfeed style! For my banana friends. p.s. While I’ve put ‘Hong Kong’ here, you can pretty much replace that with your Asian country of origin 🙂 1. When you still managed to mess… Continue reading

Beamish Museum with PhotoSoc: Where History Lives

Last week, the newly-established Photography Society at Durham took a trip to the Beamish Museum for a historical journey back in time. One of the earliest examples of what we now call ‘open-air… Continue reading

Why do Asians study ‘Asian Subjects’? (2: Parents)

In the previous post, I have discussed a little bit about the career-mindedness and the importance to a big salary as reasons to why people from East Asia, or of Asian heritage tend… Continue reading

Why do Asians Study ‘Asian Subjects’? (1- Career)

‘What subject do you study?’ This is about the commonest question at the start of terms at universities throughout the country. However, when I reply ‘Politics’ I often get a slightly surprised look…… Continue reading


每個地方似乎也有一樣代表的主食:它雖然便宜而且平平無奇,但早以成為日常生活深根蒂固的一部分,讓它升華作「精神食糧」的一種,特別是出門在外時,它可是解決思鄉病的良藥。 香港既為一個各方美食齊聚的城市,要選擇一樣「代表作」有點難度(我的票投餐蛋麵)但若是在英國的話,我想只會有一個候選人:焗豆罐頭。 然而焗豆這樣極「英國」的食品,其實都係來佬貨。