Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Introduction to the Chinese “Dialects” (1) Cantonese v. Mandarin

‘Do you speak Chinese?’ ‘Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese?’ In the years I have spent living in the UK, this is a question that I’ve often come across. And when you can… Continue reading

Boarding House Kids Know: School Food

(Durham) Freshers: it’s been a month with college food. What’s that been? There’s a good chance that your answer can be reconstructed by these words: ‘not too bad’; ‘bland’; ‘repetitive’ and most of… Continue reading

20 Signs that You Have Been Away from Hong Kong for Far Too Long

Buzzfeed style! For my banana friends. p.s. While I’ve put ‘Hong Kong’ here, you can pretty much replace that with your Asian country of origin 🙂 1. When you still managed to mess… Continue reading

Beamish Museum with PhotoSoc: Where History Lives

Last week, the newly-established Photography Society at Durham took a trip to the Beamish Museum for a historical journey back in time. One of the earliest examples of what we now call ‘open-air… Continue reading