Monthly Archive: August, 2017

威爾斯鐵路夏行 — 相對的英格蘭:Shrewsbury

雖然目的地是威爾斯,但行程之遠,讓遊記第一站還在英格蘭;而且還是最傳統的英式中世紀風的城鎮:Shrewsbury 梳士貝利。

Despatches of Wales: Dovey Junction

// It can take longer to travel to Mid-Wales than Milan. Whether by road or rail, a journey from London to Aberystwyth takes at least four-and-a-half hours. Any readers will have deciphered that… Continue reading

Despatches of Wales: Borth’s Sunset

On the West coast of Wales, not too far north from the university town of Aberystwyth, lies a small village named Borth. // The relative blandness of its name, especially in this region… Continue reading