Durham: Year 2

East Coast Mainline. The train to the North

Strangely but surely, time does fly right pass. It did seem just days ago when I left Durham, but I am already back in town.

I have had an excellent time last year, and all I can hope is to have anything similar to that. Although it’s such as shame that my weekend will no longer start at Thursday midday (MY 3-DAY WEEKEND GONE), and as far as I can remember I have a Monday 9am start,…

but I am still very much looking forward to every bit of fun, strange, interesting but perhaps not so relaxing year ahead.

The one big difference of this year, compared to the last eight, is that I am ‘living uni life to the full’ by living out. I have not lived in a house (or myself) during term-time for a very, very long time now. In fact I think I was still in Hong Kong then?

There are so many things, soon-to-become-chores, to do living independently in a house with my friends. Say the rubbish. Recycling. Cooking. Breakfast. Supermarket runs. Cleaning. Tidying. Washing. So these are just the very few things I thought up on the spot. There will be some point (I am certain about this) during the year that I will say to myself ‘WHY THE HELL DID I DECIDE TO LIVE OUT?’. Yet ultimately, I know this will be something that I would enjoy very much.

So, let the year roll on!